Graphic Design Phase (planning & execution)
  • Data Collection, Building Plans & Specifying

It starts with a lot of conversation, planning & meetings. We tailor each project to the client's needs & goals. Before we get started, we explore mood, ambiance, controllability, cost sustainability and maintenance issues for all project.

We bring & encouraged creativity, detailed preparation, thoughtful implementation and a personal approach to the unique challenges in each project.

Design Development Phase (building furniture, material & colouring)
  • Light Stimulation, Lighting Effects & Other Options

The successful planning of lighting in each project requires capability across the full spectrum of lighting like daylight, artificial light, visual media and lighting controls. We harmoniously combine passion, experience, creativity, technical know-how and intuition with science.

We invite with partners to discuss on the project requirements and define the design parameters for furniture, material & colour combination with this integrated approach it clarifies and redefines the development process this applies equally to local & international projects.

Lighting design isn’t only about precise photometric properties, but also the consideration of the luminaire design and its technical and aesthetic integration into architecture this is done through Lighting Effects & later by Light Stimulation.

Building Luminaire Phase (BOQ, costing & budgeting)
  • Materialization, Installation & Aiming

Preparation of technical and engineering documentation individually to the needs of the project, only once the design is approved by the client. Luminaire manufactures data with specification is shared with the budgetary options. If required factory visit are also taken care of.

Building Luminaire Phase (BOQ, costing & budgeting)
  • Testing, Commission & After Sales Services
  • Materialization, Installation & Aiming

Planning, designing & execution when it is all done, then comes the project report (PPT) including Electrical Lighting Placement Layout with Dimensions & Quantities. Luminaires are thoroughly checked, physically tested at site and installed with proper guidance from manufacturers.

Selection of manufactures or the suppliers or the vendors comes from a lot of research because we feel After-Sale-Services is our main priority which indeed is customer satisfaction, building brand loyalty, re-generation of business and word-of-mouth-marketing.