Mr Ritesh Shah



Mr Ritesh Shah is a founder & a principle lighting designer at Lux Light Designs having 18 years of lighting experience focuses on providing designs services for Interior & Exterior Architectures, Façade & Landscape Architecture and Sports & Utility areas, providing a complete lighting design solutions along with all the required technical specifications. He holds a F-MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai & Bachelor of Commerce from Mumbai University along with many other certificates.

He is an IALD (International Associate of Lighting Designers) Associate-USA, IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) Associate-USA & a LiDAI (Lighting Designers Association of India) Associate-India.

Many of his interviews & projects have been featured in prestigious magazines, newspapers & few of his projects have won awards too. He is passionate in teaching & guides students about lighting & beyond, he has attended talk shows, workshops & exhibitions for lighting in India & World.

He believes great lighting design is achieved only through creativity, a lot of experience and technical know- how practically.

He has always been enthusiastic in architectural lighting designer and consider each design/s to have its own uniqueness and creativity.

He & his team are passion for lighting design in excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and major involvement from concept to final work which contributes to our success. We have no preconceived notions about what works. We welcome new challenges and enjoy the exploration and research of unique materials and ideas. We offer solutions, but encourage collective decision making by the entire design team and from clients too. Our goal is to match the vision of client/s.

We consider there are 5 Elements in lighting designs as :-


Our core philosophy is to believe that the best design solutions are achieved through effective teamwork and communications. Our team uses mock-ups, renderings, and three- dimensional computer visualizations to illustrate lighting design concepts for clients. A comprehensive suite of IT skills including AutoCAD, Photoshop; Adobe Creative Suite; etc are used to represent spaces and lighting effects, photometric calculations and energy management analysis.

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Softness and Light Glare are the technical details which need expert supervision. Harsh lighting which is not soft on your eyes or keeps giving constant Light Glares can affects your eyesight. Softness of light can make or break the mood of your scene.


Intensity or amount of brightness of light has a direct impact on the final aesthetical value of the area illuminated. Intensity in the house will be different from the intensity of light required for a commercial offices or a retail store. It has a huge effect on one’s mood and productivity.


Direction and placement of lights is a vital aspect in any architectural design. This is one of the decisive factors in selecting the shape and size of the luminaire and with a lasting effect on the final output and perseverance.


This very important element of lighting it is based upon the color temperature of light, or how warm or cool it is. Blue-r tones give feeling of sadness and low levels of energy, while yellow tones typically make feel more happy and warm. Contrasting tones can be even used to even further emit emotion. Colour changing effects can be smoothing to eyes.

Need help with professional Lighting Designer? Let's work together!

lighting design is the
mixture of Art & Science.

We regularly update with the latest developments in the lighting arena since we emphasize solely on effective lighting. We will offer the best solutions that reflect the greatest value for the project.